In the exchange of securities between related parties use the optimal methods and apply the applicable rules to fulfill your obligations as a taxpayer. With us you will be able to do this in a simple way, guaranteeing efficiency and avoiding consequences.

This service allows the taxpayer to demonstrate that he has agreed to his transactions with related parties who are nationals and residents abroad in accordance with the principle of full competition (LISR).

In the same way, we carry out the analysis of the operations between related parties to avoid that the corresponding authorities determine an adjustment to them and consequently a difference in the payment of taxes

Some of our services:

  • Elaboration of transfer pricing studies under OECD guidelines. 

  • Issuance of transaction value range letters.

  • Elaboration and presentation of advanced price agreements before the authorities. 

  • Advice to value future operations with related parties. 

  • Advice for the elaboration of contracts between related parties. 

  • Consultation per operation. 

  • Advice and support in controversies with the authorities regarding transfer pricing.

  • Letter on the analysis of your financial statements 

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